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Open Pit Mining Pros & Cons | Sciencing

Open pit mining -- or strip mining -- is an extraction process for ore or fossil fuels that takes place at the surface of a mining site. Worldwide, 40 percent of mining occurs at the surface, according to Greenpeace International. Compared with underground mining, surface mining is much more efficient.

Transition of the Ernest Henry Mine from Open Pit to an ...

The transition from open pit to a producing underground mine involved a complex extraction sequence for the first two production sublevels on RL1650 and RL1625. Underground mining during cave initiation was further complicated when south wall instability prevented completion of the final open pit shell.

Transition from Open-Pit to Underground as a New ...

PDF | There are many deposits that have the potential to be mined by a combined method of open-pit and underground. In this manner, the most sensitive problem is the determination of the optimal ...

Open Pit to Underground Transition | SRK Consulting

SRK carried out a scoping study on an existing open pit operation (12 Mtpa) that is soon to be reaching a depth where the mine will need to transition to a large-scale underground mining method. The goal was to provide production continuity at a rate that will still be suitable to maximise use of the existing surface processing facilities.

Top 10 deep open-pit mines - Mining Technology

 · The deepest open pit mines are scattered geographically across the world unlike the deepest underground mines, which are mostly concentrated in South Africa. The majority of the deepest open pit operations in the world are copper producing mines. Mining-technology profiles the …

Open Pit To Underground Transition - Cave Mining Forum

SRK carried out a scoping study on an existing open pit operation (12 Mtpa) that is soon to be reaching a depth where the mine will need to transition to a large-scale underground mining method. The goal was to provide production continuity at a rate that will still be suitable to maximise use of the

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 · Mine dewatering techniques. Dewatering and groundwater control is an important part of many open pit and underground mines. Effective dewatering is a pre-requisite for safe and efficient mining. Poorly controlled groundwater will waste money, slow down mining and potentially cause adverse environmental impacts. However, techniques are available to successful control groundwater.

Determining the open pit to underground transition: A new ...

between its open pit value and its underground value. The assumption underpinning this is that for a block that can be mined by either method, if it is not mined by open pit method, it will be mined by underground method. We will henceforth refer to this as the opportunity cost approach. Camus (1992)

Open Pit to Underground -

In such cases, surface plants and critical underground facilities such as conveyer tunnels, access ramps, ore passes, hoisting shafts and ventilation shafts are often located much closer to the pit rim and the orebody than is desirable for the deeper mining situation.

The Mining Life: Open Pit vs. Underground - MICROMINE

 · There's an obvious distinction between open pit mines and underground mines that leads to the main differences from the miners' perspectives. Open pit mines allow for heavy machinery and workers to do their jobs in the open and usually with more maneuverability.

Chuquicamata Underground Mine -

The Chuquicamata underground mine will allow Codelco to exploit the remaining resources located below the current ore deposit until 2058. The project will transition one of the world's largest open-pit mines into an underground mine, one of the largest, most efficient, and advanced in the world.

Open pit to underground mining rock stability and security ...

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Martin Marietta quarry will go from open-pit to underground

 · Martin Marietta's Fort Calhoun Quarry plans to transition from an open-pit mine to an underground mine over the next four to five years. The Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise reports that Todd Clock, vice president of Martin Marietta's Des Moines District, says the project is just in its beginning stages, but the company is committed to making it happen.

Optimizing the Open Pit-to-Underground Mining Transition

value of a combined open pit and underground design. The most common method used to extract material is open pit, or surface, mining. Open pit mines vary in both shape and size, and their design is based on the deposit's block model, a model which discretizes the

Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mine -

Transition from open pit to underground mining often risks mud rushes (if mud forming minerals are present), and from sumps and surface dams. Air blasts can result from underground collapses or mud rushes. The presence of an abandoned pit above can lead to greater risks of dilution and mud rushes.

Optimizing the open pit-to-underground mining transition ...

Underground mining is used when an economically viable deposit is situated sufficiently deep such that open pit mining is cost prohibitive. There exist many underground mining techniques: (i) open stoping (), (ii) room-and-pillar, (iii) sublevel caving, (iv) drift-and-fill, (v) longwall, and (vi) block caving.Determining which method(s) to use is typically based on geotechnical constraints ...

Optimising Open Pit to Underground Cut-over: Part Two ...

Planning to mine a deposit from both open pit and underground (sometimes at the same time) is complex. Part two of our article on Optimising Open Pit to Underground Cut-over discusses the three typical approaches to determining the cut-over point.

How to Cook a Brisket in the Ground | Our Everyday Life

The tough texture of beef brisket makes it perfect for slow cooking in an open-pit barbecue in the ground. Pit cooking gives the meat time for the fat to marinate the tissues, while the smoke from the flames and wood chips acts as natural seasoning. Since the key to a …


OPEN PIT MINING THROUGH UNDERGROUND WORKINGS 2.0 LEGISLATIVE REQUIREMENTS (WA) The Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 includes a provision (Regulation 13.8) relating to surface mining operations where mining is being conducted through or in

Open-pit mining - Wikipedia

Open-pit mining is to be considered one of the most dangerous sectors in the industrial world. It causes significant effects to miners health, as well as damage to the ecological land. Open-pit mining causes changes to vegetation, soil, and bedrock, which ultimately contributes to changes in surface hydrology, groundwater levels, and flow paths.

South Africa's Largest Open-Pit Mine

 · Copper mining began at Palabora in 1965, and by 1967 the open-pit mine was fully operational. The hole reached 800 meters down into the Earth before the depletion of resources made it uneconomical to continue mining in the pit. Operations moved underground (below the pit) and mostly out of sight in the early 2000s.

Use of an artificial crown pillar in transition from open ...

When the open pit mine reaches its designed ultimate depth, with ore remaining below this limit, the mine often evolves from open pit to underground mining. The process of changing from open pit to underground production is often referred to as transitioning. 2, 3

Open Pit to Underground Transition - Minxcon Group

the underground mine is typically an extension of the pit. As open pit mining deepens the stripping ratio typically increases, increasing the overall mining costs. As a result companies often strategically transition between surface and underground to maximise project value and to increase resource extraction.

(PDF) Open-Pit to Underground Mining − Where Is the ...

In order to determine transition depth from open-pit to underground mining on the basis of the allowable and economically feasible overall stripping ratios, an economic-mathematical equation is ...

Mining method selection and optimization of transition ...

Tulp T., 1998. Open pit to Underground Mining, Mine Planning and Equipment Selection, Balkema, Rotterdam, 9-12. Visser W.F., Ding B., 2007. Optimization of the Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mining, Proceedings of Fourth AACHEN International Mining Symposia- High Performance Mine Production, Aachen, Germany, 131-148.

Sirovision - Structural Mapping for Underground and Open ...

 · Examples of Sirovision data capture of Underground Headings and Open Pit benches and mines.

INDONESIA | Freeport-McMoRan

All underground mining levels and the ore flow system are being commissioned. As PT-FI transitions mining from the open pit to underground, its production is expected to be significantly lower in 2019 and 2020, compared to 2018. Metal production is expected to improve significantly by 2021 following a …

High-grade gold-copper open pit and underground mine

Access to high-grade underground ore was brought forward by two years. 33% mine productivity rate increase from 1.2 Mtpa to 1.6 Mtpa over a longer underground mine life. Reduced open pit waste mining by nearly 70 million tonnes. Improved project economics including …

How to Cook a Pig in a Pit -

This can be done by covering the pit in dirt but then you'll have to dig it all out later. You can use a large sheet of metal, you need to cut off the air from getting into the pit. Otherwise, the burlap and then the meat will burn. By covering the pit, you maintain a constant temperature that is perfect for cooking.

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